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Sự kiện trực tuyến mừng Ngày Phụ nữ Việt Nam 20/10/2021

Events 2021-10-28

Chiều 20/10/2021, TTV đã tổ chức sự kiện Mừng Ngày Phụ Nữ Việt Nam với hơn 90 thành viên cùng nhau tham dự qua hình thức trực tuyến.


Happy Women's day March 8,2021

Events 2021-03-11

TTV's CEO and Union's Chairman would like to hold a gathering in order to give great wishes to all beautiful women in TTV.


Lunar New Year 2021

Events 2021-03-11

TTV' Employees received a small box of gift greeting 2021 Tet Holiday with great will.


New office, New environment for TTV in 2021

Events 2021-03-10

In order to make a newer, fresher environment to TTV's employees, CEO made a decision of changing to another better working place at TTC Tower located at 253 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist.


Company Trip 2020

Events 2021-03-09

TTV Company hold a great company trip to everyone aim to give them a fresher spirit after a long time hard working!


TTV Award 2020

Events 2020-10-19

Transcosmos Technologic Arts Co. (TTV) would like to acknowledge Employees’ contribution, also realize the effort they put into developing company by holding a TTV Award Event on October 5th


Happy Mid-Autumn Event in TTV, 2020

Events 2020-09-30

Transcosmos Technologic Arts wish everyone a joyful Mid-Autumn day by holding a special event with beautiful mooncakes on September 22nd.