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What is lab-type offshore development?

Labo Offshore Development is a style that local development team in Vietnam will carry out the requirements/tasks under the customer's instruction by fixed resource based on man-month contract.



  1. Work instructions with high flexibility
    Because the team is assigned for specific customer, so the customer can ask or assign task flexibly for urgent project.
  2. Accumulate know-how
    Due to the continuous linking with clients, the team members understand client's business more deeply, help the development work more smoothly, and the execution speed is also faster.

  3. Maintain excellent human resources
    A normal project-based contract does not allow to assign always the same resouce for each time for projects. However, the Labo Offshore Development contract allows you can similar human resources for a certain period of time.
  4. Fixed development costs
    Due the number of personnel is fixed, there is no need to adjust the price estimate when change request and add function.


Recommend for below development type

  1. Medium and long-term system development
  2. The project that can define clear functional specifications in advance such as Agile development
  3. The project that requires regular operation and maintenance, system improvement/modification.


For first time users of offshore development

There are some concerns for the customers who consider for Labo Offshore Development Service ①Difference in language or culture, ②Team management ③Quality matter We are making four efforts to eliminate these anxiety factors.

  1. Agile development
    Agile development model allows to check deliverables for each short-term sprint, correct the gap between the customer and developer at an early stage This development model that requires close communication, so our Bridge SE and communicator team will support.
  2. Installing project management system
    We use major tools such as JIRA and Backlog to check the progress of each member, visualize the progress of the project, and conduct project management appropriately. In addition, our PMO and the QA team will monitor the process and support project management to function well.

  3. Assigning resource with English language skills
    We use English as internal public language. So every engineers can understand and handle quickly detailed requirements.