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Automation Test

Automation Test


Automation testing based on browser

We mainly apply browser-based automation to integration and system testing area.
We have been using the test automation service "testigma"based on Selenium developed by Testsigma Technologies for test automation tool. As a result, you can test between browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. and between devices such as PC, Android, iOS with the same testcase, the same test data in a short time. Especially, in agile development, continuous development, and maintenance, it is important to retest to prevent degradation, so automation testing is a necessary condition.


Major features

  • Testing based on cloud
    Windows/Mac, Chrome/Firefox/Edge, etc…
    We perform testing on testsigma without preparing test environments. Of course, we can also perform tests on the local environment. (Agent installation required)
  • Cordless operation
    We can create test scenarios based on English sentences. No need to write any Selenium code.
  • Support for mobile devices
    Support testing by real devices on the local environment and testing by simulator on the cloud environment.
    ※ Test on real devices requires a wired connection between the mobile device and the host PC (Agent required)
  • The simulator test is supported by Chrome's user-agent in case of Web-based
  • For native apps, SauceLabs ( and AWS Device Farm's device simulator service are used internally.
  • Support evidence capture
    It helps for taking screenshots during operation as well creating videos during operation.
    ※Videos can be created only when executed on a cloud basis.
  • Support bulk downloading of screenshots.
  • Support for output of test results in an Excel file.
  • Modularization of test scenarios
    It allows to modularize and combine several scenarios. In addition, multiple input data can be defined for one scenario, reducing the cost of creating test scenarios if there are multiple conditions.