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Outcome of 2018 TTV Internship Program

Events 2018-08-30

 This is a continuation from last news of “2018 TTV Internship Program”


Company Holiday 2018 Announcement- Independence Day in Vietnam

 Due to the Independence Day in Vietnam, transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) office will be closed From 1st to 3rd September, 2018


Renovation of the TTV’s Resting room

 Over 3 years and half have passed since TTV was established, and 2 year since the office was expanded into a new floor


TTV Company Trip 2018

Events 2018-08-21

 Transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) invited its employees to enjoy the beach and nature of Phan Thiet on the company trip, which was organized from 18th August


TTV Outdoor Activity Event 2018

Events 2018-07-05

 Thanks to TTV Union, transcosmos Technologic Arts’ members could hold the Outdoor Event 2018 on 30th June


IT Career Path Development Orientation for University of Greenwich

 Following with our last orientation with UIT, transcosmos Technologic Arts invited the students from the University of Greenwich to visit our office


2018 TTV Internship Program

 Transcosmos Technologic Arts Internship Program 2018 has been started this month, providing 9 students from HCM University of Technology and University of Information Technology


IT Career Path Development Orientation for students

 To build a relationship with many universities in HCMC, transcosmos Technologic Arts has started an orientation program targeted at students for explaining about our company and IT field’s career


Results of the HCA Football Open Cup 2018

 HCA Football Open Cup which had been run for over 1 month finished on 3rd June.Our team members practiced really hard and played the games after working and during the weekends


Bowling Night 2018

Events 2018-06-01

 Continuing from last year, this was the third time holding “TTV Bowling Night” which was organized by TTV union members