TTV Foreign Languages Club



As a new activity of Transcosmos Technologic Arts, the TTV Foreign Languages Club (TTV FLC for short) was kicked off at the beginning of Jan, 2017.

In order to create an interesting playground for TTV members after work, the club is organized in the format of languages games in both English and Japanese where many members battle and heat up each other for special gifts.   


The first club meeting focused on English speaking with team games relating to Lunar New Year and all Tet traditions. That was such an exciting meeting that attracted the enthusiastic participation of more than thirty people.  



The TTV FLC aims to:

・Strengthen business manner in every member to improve the company’s image to visitors and clients.

・Help employees be more active and confident in speaking English and Japanese.

・Create an exciting teamwork playground for employees after work.

・Enhance teamwork spirit and unity among TTV members.



The club runs once a month, and it will surely give precious opportunities for participants to have fun and be self-confident in expressing ideas in foreign languages.

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