Moon Cake Delivery


Mid-Autumn festival was celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. It is held to celebrate the harvest as well as to worship the moon. One of the popular traditional food on this occasion is moon cake. Moon cakes are offered between friends or on family gathering. On that day, people would give each other moon cakes, which came to symbolize a united family.


For this reason, on September 11th TTV gave moon cakes to employees in the hope that it can help them have a warm Mid-Autumn Festival with their family.


According to Chinese folklore, a Turpan businessman offered cakes to Emperor Taizong of Tang in his victory against the Xiongnu on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. Taizong took the round cakes and pointed to the moon with a smile, saying, "I'd like to invite the toad to enjoy the hú (胡) cake". After sharing the cakes with his ministers, the custom of eating these hú cakes spread throughout the country. Eventually these became known as mooncakes. ( Wei, Liming; Lang, Tao. Chinese festivals (Updated ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.)


Moon cake delivery is an annual event at TTV in order to encourage all employees. Moon cakes symbolize unity, luck, happiness, health and wealth. These are the wishes which TTV wants to give to all employees.


Wish you have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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