Eighth onsite training is taking place at Tokyo office!



Continuing from the onsite training which lasted until beginning of August, the eighth training was kicked off from August in Tokyo Japan.


Mr. Nam, who has Japanese communication skill and Mr. Thoai who has strong sense of responsibility were fortunately chosen as training members this time, and TTV expects that they will learn a lot of things such as operation and technical skills from our parent company, transcosmos inc. in order to improve processes and technical work at TTV.


The top picture was taken at the entrance of one of transcosmos office buildings. They wear cool shirts, formal pants and nice shoes, look so professional!  As is well known, in Japan it is common for a member of society to pay attention to being well-groomed, especially on the business environment.


Of course, they do not forget to enjoy during weekends!

They visited some famous sightseeing spots in Japan besides onsite training.


Let me introduce the members and their opinions from their on-site experience in Japan:




Q: When you were chosen as one of the onsite members, what did you think? Could you tell us how is the life in Tokyo going? 

Mr Nam:

When I was chosen as one of the onsite members, first of all I was very happy because it was my first time to visit Japan, even though the purpose is for company training. I checked everything about Japan such as the culture and so on, therefore I was really interested in going there. This time it’s a good occasion for me to study and to explore more and more about Japan, and I would like to explain and share with other TTV members about my experience when I was there when I will get back to Vietnam.

The life in Tokyo is very good: the air is fresh, the food is delicious, and trains and subways are so amazing. Japan has impeccable food safety and cleanliness standards so it is safe to buy food anywhere.


Q: What is the mission through the onsite training in Tokyo Japan? Could you tell me how is your work at TCI Tokyo?

Mr Thoai:
My mission through this onsite training is to learn how to work with Japanese customers and to learn marketing automation (focus on Pardot)

These are very important and crucial tasks for me, and I would like to complete getting the skills as soon as possible, but it's not going as smooth as I would like to because my knowledge of Japanese is very limited and

TCI staff cannot train me directly through Japanese communication. Thankfully I can always get support from Nam to overcome any communication issue.

Although I am facing some challenges, I keep trying my best to achieve my goals cooperating with Nam.




TTV hopes that everything is going well and come back to HCM safely on November.

Through this program, TTV is going to broaden the range of opportunities for our technologies.


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