Tomohiro Onishi


Onishi is a manager with a proven track record of successfully managing about 100 development and BPR projects.

At an IBM affiliated System Integration Company, he had been responsible of the mission-critical system development and front-end development for the financial industry, and has gained experience as SE from upstream to downstream processes.

After moving into a major accounting consulting, he took charge of complicated and difficult business consulting and project management tasks, centering on ERP solutions, and accumulated a lot of valuable experiences to accomplish and succeed in many customer projects.

After joining transcosmos inc., he has worked in various development solutions in several industries including the financial industry, and has continuously meet customer needs and contributed to raise customer expectations.

In addition, as a manager in charge of improving the service quality of the entire company, he promoted the establishment and consolidation of systems to improve the quality of all services provided by about 20,000 employees of transcosmos inc. and contributed to the improvement of the quality of service throughout the company for 8 years.

Onishi understands the services of the entire transcosmos group deeply through his experience in quality control, and can effectively implement the comprehensive global service capabilities of transcosmos at TTV.

Through utilizing his background and knowledge of the entire services of transcosmos group, we will be able to respond more flexibly to customers’ requests.

We constantly consider the strategy of utilizing the most advanced technologies and strive to go to the next level in order to provide customers with the best possible services to satisfy their needs. 

Koga Masaki

Koga Masaki

Koga has been worked at transcomos Technologic Arts as Head of Software Development Department for Japan market since 2016.

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Vu Quoc Oai

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