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company information

Drupal - Financial Company (Major audit corporation)

Providing a superior website with better usability through a new interface and enhanced functionality.


Background and issues

Our client has been providing consulting services to corporations facing various difficulties relating to M&A, and make full use of a wealth of experience and a tested track record to provide advice covering all aspects of M&A so that each company can overcome the critical issues accompanying M&A.
They have almost provided the services through website until now, and currently they have considered about replacing sites for more user-friendly interface, upgrading existing functionality to improve efficiency, and multi-language support. In addition, they also considered about improvement how to integrate the user management between multiple websites.


Effective application

The new website is more user-friendly than than the original website, is supported and it was also compatible with smartphones. The functionality has also been improved to make it easier to use according to user requirements, and got high satisfaction. In addition, they were able to centralize user management by integrating with the customer ID management service.


Project overview

  • Period:16 months
  • Number of members: 5
  • Process: Detail design, development, test, release, maintenance