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EC-CUBE - E-commerce (TV shopping)

By replacing the latest version of ECCUBE, the EC site is easy to use for both users and engineers


Background and issues

Customer posted and sold more than 1,000 products on other EC platforms, but the response speed was extremely slow, and unintentional session disconnects occurred frequently - the cause of lowering the CVR rate. In addition, the system did not support complicated sales methods in other media out of Web, therefore they considered about customizing the platform.
The specification of current platform was complicated, so it took more time and cost than necessary in terms of operation and maintenance. In addition, lack of information on operation and maintenance made the refurbishment even more difficult.


Effective after installation

We proposed ECCUBE as a new platform to improve the response speed and unintentional session disconnects that were factors that lowered the CV rate, to realize the probability of good operation/maintenance system.


Project overview

  • Period:7 months
  • Number of members:15 people
  • Process:Design, coding, integration test