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Tomohiro Onishi


As a manager,I have a track record of over 100 successful development and BPR projects. I'm also a QC professional who knows how to make projects successful. Based on these, we will consider and provide the best solution that exceeds the expectations of our customers.


Vu Quoc Oai


I have 15 years of financial accounting experience and has been the CFO of transcosmos Technological Arts for 5 years.

My mission is to maximize the true value of the company in the market and to maximize the benefit to all involved.


Nguyen Hong Phuc

HR Manager

An alumni from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 13 years of experience in Human Resources, General Administration, Accounting, Import and Export. Hong Phuc is a Senior Manager with experience in many fields, having held positions like Factory Manager, Senior Personnel Manager at many large factories in Dong Nai before joining in the ranks of Transcosmos Technologic Arts. Joined TTV in 2020.


Masaki Koga

Japan Market Division

Since 2016, I have been working at transcosmos Technological Arts as head of software development for the Japanese market.


Nguyen The Phong

Global Market Division

I have been engaged in offshore and outsourcing projects for the Japanese market for over 20 years and have demonstrated outstanding project management capabilities and leadership. Professional in software development, engineering processes, and delivery management.


Nguyen Van Quang

Quality Assurance

Taking advantage of my experience in project manager, quality control, and budget control, I am currently in charge of the service support department (QA/education) at transcosmos Technological Arts.



Trinh Quang Loc


I have been with transcosmos Technological Arts since 2017. We have been involved in offshore and outsourcing projects for the Japanese market for over 15 years. I also have 10 years of experience as a project manager.


Pham Thanh Hai Au

IT manager

I have been with transcosmos Technological Arts since 2017. I have been involved in IT system integration for over 14 years. I'm also has 10 years of project manager experience.

Line Manager


Le Nhat Dieu Thao

JPM Business Unit 1

I have 13 years of practical experience in the IT industry specializing in web development and software solutions for the Japanese market. I am also has nine years of experience as a project manager and coach.


Nguyen Canh Hung

JPM Business Unit 3

I was involved in software development for 11 years. I also have experience in participating in the project as a bridge SE, making the most of my Japanese skills. I also have 7 years of work experience as a project manager.


Lam Ngoc Chau

GBM Business Unit 1

I have been in software development for 14 years and has been leading the project as a project manager for 7 years.