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Chatbot is an automated chat application, one of the applications of AI technology. In recent years, many people around the world have smartphones, and communicate using chat tools has become widespread. Many companies in Europe and America have supported the use of chat tools, the number of users has been increasing. Customer satisfaction is also higher than telephone and email. Because of the need for language analysis, the English version is used in real first, and now it is time multi-language support.


Advantages for customers by using chatbots

  1. Easy to use in any space and time
    Contact easily with the same feeling as the chat tools that customers often use.
    In addition, you don’t' have to choose time or location, you can effectively utilize the spare time.
  2. Easy to understand
    You can provide information without misunderstanding by introducing images and URLs.
    Because the history remains, so you can check it again later.
  3. Provide non-voice channels
    Customers who are not familiar with the phone can also easily use.


Advantages for companies when using chatbot

  1. Automatic reply
    By setting up scenarios for frequently asked questions in advance, training natural language by AI, chatbox can automatically respond to customer inquiries in a natural conversation.
  2. 24Support all the time 24/7 and Multi-language
    Chatbot can respond even after business hours by automatic answer.
    It also has an automatic translation function, so it can support multiple languages.
  3. Reduce cost
    チャットThe number of support desks can be reduced because the chatbot can handle one-to-many simultaneously.


Case Study①CRM utilization


Case StudyCRM utilization

CRMBy linking the conversation log with the customer and the CRM system, it helps for quantify/visualize attributes, needs, and requirements of customer which were unclear until now, and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, it can also be used for customer actions such as questionnaires.

Case studySupport utilization

Chatbots can also switch to chatting with real people. By combining true-to-life users and using reciprocal machines to communicate with customers, it is possible to support effective communication, and enhance the customer experience.


Associated channel

  • Webchat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • Zalo