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We can support both development types such as agile development model which has become a global standard and waterfall development model which is especially required by Japanese companies. To manage tasks, we use JIRA and Backlog for agile development, WBS and Gantt chart for waterfall development. Moreover, as of June 2020, we have three employees who got PMP certification, we are fully implementing internal project management training.

In addition, we have been standardizing design documents and testing viewpoints, perform quality assurance based on experience and practice case study that focusing on Japanese corporate customers such as cause analysis and checking similar bugs, checking security by Arachni static analysis tools, checking processes by quality assurance department, etc. Moreover, we have recently applied the automation test service "Test Sigma" based on Selenium to ensure the test quality for the continuous development required in agile development.


Comprehensive solution of Workflow for Business

By installation of the workflow services "eForm system" and "APAR system" for business, it helps for the efficiency improvement of the business. "eForm system" is a system for business that claim payment such as travel expenses, etc. "APAR system" is a system for managing receivables and payables, it not only can be installed seperately, but also integrated installation as a system.

Offshore Develop

About Labo Offshore Development, we build a dedicated development team for customers, and permanent staff will be in charge of development under the instruction of customers. They are considered as a individual team of customers and availble to respond flexibly in emergencies.


Providing services using CMS, which is an operation management system for websites. We also offer solutions by Drupal - an open source CMS product and Aqcuia - a service managed by Drupal.

Business Process Management

The business process management by Activiti of Alfresco Company supports computerization of work and working from home.

Automation Test

Providing test automation and re-execution services using the automated test service "testsigma".


Providing services of building front-end systems for EC site by Shopify as Cloud, and EC-CUBE as On-premises. EC-CUBE has the latest actual version, EC-CUBE4.x version


We support for integrating chatbot into Website to answer questions automatically for FAQs, etc. to improve customer satisfaction and reduce manpower costs.