Welcome Internship students from Japanese University



A week has already passed since two internship students, Miki and Yuya, came to transcosmos Technologic Arts.

It’s the first time that TTV accepts an internship program from a Japanese University and we expect a lot from them!

During the internship, we would like them to feel involved and integrated into the real working environment as well as giving them a hint for their career path in the future.

Fortunately, they are very friendly and have opened up to our Vietnamese staff quickly. 

Let me introduce the members and their voices!





My name is Mikihiro. TTV members call me “Miki”.

I’m a Japanese University student, and it’s my first time to visit HCMC.

My hobbies are singing rap music, camping in the nature and playing sports, especially baseball.


When I came to TTV office in the first day, I was surprised at two things.

First of all, people in this company are very kind.

They have invited us to various events such as lunch, dinner, football club and weekend travel.

Secondly, all employees of this company are like friends because they happily communicate each other during working.

I will work hard to contribute TTV.  Thank you!!!



Hi, My name is “YUYA”. I’m 20 years old, majoring in Economy at university in Japan.

My hobby is backpack travel.

I have visited 8 countries so far, but this is the first time for me to come Vietnam.

The first impression of Vietnam was “Vietnamese people are free and friendly! Also, there are so many motor bikes, so I can’t cross the road.”


TTV’s staff are very kind to me. Because TTV has many events, they invited me to join a football club last night. I was so glad and it’s so fantastic!

During the internship, I would like to focus on improving TTV staff’s Japanese language skill as well as my skill.

I’m looking forward to working with TTV’s staff for the remaining 3 weeks!!

Thank you.



Thank you Miki and Yuya for your enthusiasm!

Good luck with your internship and we hope to have a great experience here in Vietnam!


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