Visitors from transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd



From transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd., Mr Nakayama, President and Chairperson and Mr Zhang visited transcosmos Technologic Arts on 18th July.


transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd. is an outsourcing corporation established in 1995 which mainly provides such services as systems development, systems integration, and IT technology support. It has been offering a wide range of information services to the business world such as software localization development mainly for the software development for the Japanese market, systems integration, systems maintenance, systems technology support, systems base development, DB solutions, smart solutions, and E-Commerce solutions, and at the same time, it has been actively working on development of Smartphone games.  (URL:   http://www.trans-cosmos.com.cn )


As we are both transcosmos group companies, we had fruitful meeting for understanding each services and training details and considering future business collaboration with major system integration company in China.

To expand each other, we would like to corporate and collaborate on improving development quality, development method, process and skill improvement.     

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