VAIMO Japan Kickoff 2017


The “VAIMO Japan kickoff 2017” was held at the end of February in Binh Quoi Village.
As the first step of a big collaboration between TTV and Vaimo, it made sense to host the kickoff in Vietnam because most of the Vaimo Japan staff are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


This was the day that Vaimo Japan, comprising teams from Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Vaimo International, officially started writing their story together. The Kickoff began with Mr. Brendan Peo who is COO of Vaimo showing a video from the Kickoff event in Italy, and sharing his insights about Vaimo, its history and achievements. This was followed by him speaking about plans for Vaimo Japan and the reason behind its establishment.



In the afternoon, the team participated in some team-building activities, like human bingo, all adrift, group photos, and more. These activities made the overall atmosphere great, and TTV members deepened the bonds between Vaimo and Vaimo JP.


It was a fantastic start for TTV and Vaimo Japan, as the Vaimo culture was established in Vaimo Japan and here in Vietnam.

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