Two Months Drupal Onsite in Japan



Can, who belongs to TTV’s Drupal team completed his first onsite training in Tokyo, Japan.

In most of the onsite training programs in Japan, TTV have sent a group of 3 or 4 people at the same time, but this time was the first time that one of our members went to Tokyo by himself!



Tokyo’s amazing subway system which has over 900 stations on over 50 lines is one of the largest in the world, sometimes make travelers nervous and overwhelmed as they arrive to Tokyo.

However, thanks to the support from our Japanese staff, Can could overcome any difficulty by the complicated transportation system during his stay even though he couldn’t communicate in Japanese.

According to him, Japanese environment is safe and it’s easy to move around for people from different countries.

There are a lot of 24-hour shops and vending machines in Tokyo, so people can buy anything at any time they want. Also, there is hardly any garbage on the streets.

The timing of this onsite matched with the New Year season in Japan, so he could have some valuable experiences seeing several traditional events and activities.



At the office of transcosmos inc., he felt that the staff were so friendly and laborious. He noticed that the people working in Japan are very careful with their work and always pay attention on their tasks.

We are so glad that TTV could give such an opportunity and great experience to our engineer!

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