TTV Outdoor Activity Event 2018



Thanks to TTV Union, transcosmos Technologic Arts’ members could hold the Outdoor Event 2018 on 30th June.

We got lucky with great weather, and over 60 members including their families joined the event and enjoyed many programs.



We left from our office at 8:00AM by bus and headed to the Bamboo Village, an open place with lot of activities such as canoeing, games and also a swimming pool. The environment surrounded by nature is great to release from the stress and pollution from the city.



Everyone enjoyed together and we played 2 original games, “blowing 5 balls along to 10 water cups” and “Pushing spaghetti into strew” which had been considered and prepared by union members. These games made us laugh a lot and helped to bond everyone together.



The most exciting program after buffet lunch was the “Bicycle Race in the water”, for most of us, it was the first time riding a floating bicycle on the water, and no matter how hard we peddled, it was very difficult to make it move faster. Some people pedaled as hard as they could and got exhausted before they barely move.



As you can see from the following pictures, the event was a wonderful experience to see the happy faces of the children and all members enjoying the activities and games together.



TTV will to continue the support the Outdoor day and deepen the bonds between employees and their families. 

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