TTV Company Trip 2017



transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) invited its employees to the beautiful landscape of Da Lat for 2 nights-company trip, which was organized from 3rd to 5th November.



Even though we were not blessed with good weather during our stay due to a big storm, we enjoyed the time spent together with our colleagues visiting some landmarks and parks enjoying the fresh air of Da Lat. Everyone had a great time joining the team building activities and the Gala Dinner.



During team activities, everyone had a lot of fun playing games seriously as if they were children!  Nobody forgot TTV’s spirit, “never compromise” even if it’s a game!




One of most enjoyable parts of the trip was the Gala Dinner that took place on the last day of the company trip. Starting with a wonderful and elegant Ao Dai performance, everybody enjoyed participating on really lively and exciting programs such as a prize competition games, Karaoke and dance. 



TTV have overcome various difficulties and challenges through this year. On this trip we celebrated the success and it also worked as a stress reliever!

TTV hope that after the trip everyone is energized and full of energy to overcome next year’s challenges.


At last, TTV should like to extend our deepest condolence and sympathy for the victims of the big storm. 


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