Talents Development Program- Business Manner


“Business Manner” is one of many training courses within the Talent Development Program TTV to its employees.


The class was delivered by Frank NGUYEN, TTV senior project manager.  Before joining TTV, he had worked for big Japanese IT corporations for several years, therefore having extensive experience in training and managing various projects with Japanese clients. Business manner is important in creating a professional working environment, so Frank tried to divide it into smaller parts and provided step-by-step instruction for employees including:


 - How to organize meeting effectively
 - How to make an awesome Kickoff meeting
 - Hourenso at work (mail rule, communication rule, in Japanese style)


Due to our recent business environment, it is really important to improve the attitude of employees, especially “Hourenso” should be the foundation to work with client smoothly and to accomplish tasks.



Hou: Houkoku 報告= Report

Ren: Renraku 連絡= Communication

Sou: Soudan 相談= Discuss or ask for an advice


Besides the business manner, more training classes will be conducted by TTV to its employees to strengthen the relation with clients.  

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