Outcome of 2018 TTV Internship Program



This is a continuation from last news of “2018 TTV Internship Program”. 

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transcosmos Technologic Arts Internship Program 2018 finished on 8th August, 2018 with the participation of 9 students from HCM University of Technology and University of Information Technology.


Through this program, the students worked on two projects which they finished successfully:


Survey System Project.

The team successfully finished all the original requirements. They even did it before the deadline so we added some more features for the system, including assigning employees to project, tracking project sale and cost, tracking availability of engineers (billable and un-billable)


Chatbot System

This project was developed by only student, Tuan.  He built a chatbot for a bookstore (Fahasa). The system can chat with customers, help them to search books and find nearest store. Tuan did a great job, and we offered him to join TTV!  He is now officially a member of TTV joining our Chat Bot team since August 13rd.


Good job all!



As the last review session, they had a meeting with our CEO and reported these progress and outcomes.

Finally, TTV delivered a voucher gift valued at 500,000 VND as reward for the Best Two Students. The selection was based on their overall activity and task’s results.



We were surprised that some of the interns already had high-level development skills before joining our program.

TTV members are very proud to have been able to work together with the interns.

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