Kick off New Onsite Training in Tokyo, Japan



One of our members, Mr. Dien, got the opportunity to go onsite for training in Japan for almost three months starting from the end of August and he has been enjoying life in Tokyo since then.

He has attended training courses aimed to improve latest technical skills, and he is going to share these to all TTV members after he comes back to Vietnam.

His onsite period is just getting started, but we would like to share his feedback from Japan!





This is the first time for me to visit Japan.

In transcosmos inc. which is TTV’s parent company, I am learning about a project related to AI Bot. I am responsible for developing the next version of AI Bots, so I have been learning a lot of technologies such as dialogflow, berdore, watson etc and other technologies such as RightNow and Line as well.

TCI members have supported me not only in the office but also on my private life, such as how to go to the office, how to wash my clothes...etc since the time I arrived in Tokyo.

I really appreciate that they are taking care of me because these support helps to cover for my lack of Japanese language skills .


During working, I am impressed about TCI’s members hard-work and commitment. All members seriously concentrate with their projects every day and work very hard.

I learned a lot from their attitude of tackling work as well as how they apply new technologies.

Besides work, I usually go out for travel at hot spots in Tokyo and other cities. My first impression is that Japan is very clean and the public awareness of Japanese is very good. They keep quiet in public areas such as the train or elevators and they don’t make noise even in the park.

Also, they always keep in line and follow good manners when going to restaurants, getting on and off the train or when shopping.


Japanese people support me very carefully and clearly when I ask them for directions on how to go somewhere even though I don’t speak Japanese.

They can catch up my key words and understand what I want to say.

It is a challenge for me but very interesting!





Thanks Dien.

Hope your life in japan going well!

Good Luck.

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