IT Career Path Development Orientation for University of Greenwich



Following with our last orientation with UIT, transcosmos Technologic Arts invited the students from the University of Greenwich to visit our office.

(Previous article of Career Path Orientation is here:  http://www.tctav.com/en/news/it-career-path-development-orientation-students )



Around 30 promising students visited TTV office and got an opportunity to receive IT career path orientation and a quick office tour in order to feel the real working environment. During their visit, they could get some advice from our leader engineers as well as our CEO, Onishi.



The session had an harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, and we hope the orientation will help the deciding their career paths and future.

To our joy, University of Greenwich also posted the event in their website news: http://greenwich.edu.vn/[hcm]-sv-tham-quan-va-hoc-thuc-te-tai-doanh-nghiep-transcosmos-viet-nam-n704.html



We appreciate the cooperation of University of Greenwich and would like to continue the good relationship with them.

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