Introduction of Mr Koga from transcosmos inc.



transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) has cooperated and collaborated on a lot of projects with transcosmos inc since TTV was established. Mr. Koga has supported these projects from Japan in order to ensure that everything ran smoothly.


He has currently been working for almost two months at TTV office, focusing on improving the work environment between Japan and Vietnam.



His role is very important for us, that’s why we have decided to interview him and get to know more about him:




Q1. What is the main purpose for your on-site work at TTV for around 2 months?


My main aim is to improve the quality at TTV side.


There were a few problems in some projects before, that’s why I have been reviewing how to deal with these matters from the organization’s point of view and supported the Vietnamese staff to identify and learn from the problems to prevent them happening again in the future.

Such measure is known as “KAIZEN”, originally modeled at Toyota, and it is a very important concept of work in Japanese companies.



Q2. What is your impression towards TTV and our members?


I think that TTV engineers are working seriously and doing very well.  Also, there is no problem regarding the standard development environment.

The same goes for Japan side, but I would like TTV engineers to know more about the circumstances and the ways of work in Japan.

As everyone knows, because Japan and Vietnam have different culture, it is natural that there are some differences on the way of thinking, understanding and speaking with each other.

I think that these cultural differences cause some inconsistency in the communication and make the work more difficult.


In my opinion Japan and Vietnam sides should understand and meet each other halfway for a smooth collaboration.



Q3. Please tell us how is the life in HCM, Vietnam

The life in Vietnam is very comfortable.


I had been going back and forth between Japan and Hanoi, Vietnam in six months cycles between 2012 and 2015.  At the time when I was in Hanoi, I felt the rapid growth of the country very attractive.

In the past, Japan used to grow very fast, the same as Vietnam right now, but Japan's growth has been stopped for about 20 years, it is very disappointing.




Mr. Koga, Thank you for your valuable comments.

To expand each other, we would like to corporate on improving development quality and development methods.  If we can mix up and extend each other’s advantages, the range of business will expand for sure.   


Thank you for your continuous support. 

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