Interview of Mr Margus Heinmaa from Vaimo



transcosmos Technologic Arts is currently working hard to improve employee skills and to proceed projects smoothly in cooperation with one of our group companies, Vaimo AB.

Some people from Vaimo have already come to TTV and they have worked with TTV members.

Today we will introduce an interview with Mr Margus Heinmaa who is one of them.




Q1) How long were you in HCMC and what was the purpose of the work trip?


A1) I have just returned from a 3-month work trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The purpose of the trip was to share Vaimo's work processes, such as Agile, Scrum methodologies, and tools with the local employees. I also went armed with Magento knowledge, of course, as TTV employees work with different eCommerce platforms, and not all are familiar with our beloved Magento. 



Q2)  What is the first impression of the city, TTV and TTV employees?


A2) This was my first trip to Vietnam, and my first impression of the city was the hectic traffic and swarm of local motorcycles. I also noticed that the city is full of friendly faces, a significant contrast to Scandinavian countries that are famous for their poker faces. It must be specific to Ho Chi Minh City however, because the few times I left the city, he noticed fewer "friendly faces." 

When I arrived at TTV, I was met with an extremely friendly environment, with enthusiastic and eager people. I recall how everyone in his team of about 20 people were all very excited to work with me and learn from me. I felt that the work culture was very different from Europe in several ways, not just the atmosphere. I remember how as a new person, you are introduced to absolutely everyone in the company, not just your team. 

To this day, I was not sure how many people work at TTV - but just one floor of the company seemed to seat about 100 workers. It was difficult for me to describe exactly how the culture is different; I distinctly felt, however, that while people were very friendly to each other and joked around, they very seamlessly communicated and took their work very seriously as well. I really enjoyed the flow of easy communication between the large amounts of happy employees at TTV.

I also noticed that people sit closer together and that more workers fit into a single space than is commonly acceptable in Europe. Especially in northern Europe - we are big on personal space!



Q3) What was your feeling after you finished work at TTV?


A3) For me, the best part of the business trip was my team members, and how eager to learn, enthusiastic, and proactive they are. The TTV team members are always ready to do more, and go one step further, and take on new challenges. Some of them had never worked with Magento, but they learned the in's and out's fast in little to no time at all. 





Thank you so much Margus!

TTV, especially the Magento and Vaimo teams are grateful for your kindness, efforts and wonderful training.


We would like to welcome Margus to come back to visit us very soon!


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