Internship Program at TTV


Besides various events, Transcosmos Technologic Arts has had exciting internship programs for students. The program not only enhance the relationship between TTV and the University of Technology, but it’s also a channel to hire potential students.


Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of their supervisor, students have learned how to develop their presentation skills and obtained very useful knowledge that will prepare them for the working environment in the future. They have studied Japanese basic working style and the basic knowledge required for engineers working at TTV. 

These pictures are from Internship report meeting that took part in the last day of the internship program. Students had improved communication skills with confidence and enriched their experience from each other’s feedback as well as their supervisors.

Because of using English for documentation during the training program, students have improved their language skills as well as the mutual support throughout their learning process.

 Through internship programs, we did get a lot of student’s satisfaction. Most of the students wanted to share more information with experienced engineers and do more exercises about TDD & Refactoring. Besides, they hope to have a meeting to talk about new technology development in the future.

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