Flower Arrangement Contest for Women’s Day


By sponsorship of TTV’s Trade Union, we had a great time together during the Flower Arrangement Contest last week. The contest is part of  “TTV Connection Program” and on this occasion the objective was to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day. During this event, the men in TTV showed their talent, ingenuity, enthusiasm as well as their creativity.

Each team had two parts: flower arrangement (20 minutes) and presentation (1 minute). The criteria for the grade took into account the beauty of arrangement, the meaning related to Women Day and also the time to prepare and present. Absolute score was 100 point for two parts

The judges for this competition were: our CEO, COO and our Sales & Marketing Director.

They had a very difficult time making their decision because all 8 teams worked very hard and delivered very good presentations.

Besides, we had a small party with pizza, grilled chicken and some fruits. We had a very good time!

Thanks to this competition, all employees had a chance to reduce the stress from their work as well as relax with their colleagues .And, the most important of all is that all TTV’s women had a happy and meaningful day .

Now, lets see some pictures for contest

Congratulation for 1st Prize with flower "W" as symbol for Women

2nd Prize for a beautiful girls in QC team

3rd Prize with topic "Simple is the best"

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!!!

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