Career Page

Do Transcosmos Technologic Arts recruit freshers?

Yes. Please send your CV to . We will keep your CV and call you when a position is open.

Do Transcosmos Technologic Arts have a training program for new employees?

Yes. To make sure newbies understand our process, all new employees attend on-board training programs within the two first weeks before joining a project.

What are the working hours at Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

Our working hours are from 8AM – 5PM, Monday to Friday and 2 Saturday mornings every month if required by the Company.

Does Transcosmos Technologic Arts have an internship program?

Yes. Every year we contact the University of Technology for student-interns. The students have the chance to work on a training project that simulates a real customer project at the company during their internship. We provide proper training to help them understand & experience working style in a Japanese company. We would like to cooperate with other universities in HCMC, please send us an email to if you have any demand.

How many departments are there in Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

3 departments as below:

  • Software Development Department
  • QA Department
  • Back-office

How do I apply to Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

Please send your CV to with the title Position_Name. If you need more information, do not hesitate to send us an email or call: 028.3920.1276-ext: 124

How many recruitment steps are there at Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

  • Graduates: IQ test (30m) & Interview (60m)
  • Middle developers: IQ and Technical test (60m) & Interview (60m)
  • Professionals: Interview (60m)

In order to save time we usually combine all steps into one half day. Therefore, you just need to come to our company one time for the interview.

What is the Career Path Development at Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

Transcosmos Technologic Arts designs Talent Development strategies, including mentorship programs, internship programs and training programs which are based on:

  • Technical skill matrixes.
  • Technology trend.
  • Project requests.

What are the benefits at Transcosmos Technologic Arts?

  • Project performance bonus & 13th month bonus salary.
  • Annual salary appraisal every year.
  • Technical training program, on-board training.
  • Attractive outdoor activities