Career Page

We understand that the success of our business is not just thanks to our products and service, but our people who are our most important asset. This means providing development opportunities to employees and a well-balanced work life.

Alongside being a diverse place to work, Transcosmos Technologic Arts also offers generous compensation and benefits packages and excellent working conditions. We have established systems to ensure continual career development for our employees and the reward and recognition program is part of our management culture. Transcosmos Technologic Arts specially establishes the policy that salary review 2 times / year, the 13th salary, the annual project performance bonus and the award for the best employees and the best projects of every half year.

In addition, TTV’s employees will receive Union money on public holidays of the year such as New Year's Day, Victory day April 30, National Day 02 September…

Our total benefits package is highly regarded and is designed to meet employees' basic and life-changing benefits needs.

TTV’s health care policy was designed to insure that employees will always be in good physical health to promote their creativity and work efficiency:

  • Periodic health check-up once a year
  • TTV Care insurance allows TTV-ers to receive high quality health care services when accidents, sickness or disease occurs.

Your engineer skill is important to us, and so is your health. Encouraging employees to improve their health with sports activities, TTV opened yoga club, badminton, football and organized competitions for internal events to build healthy working environment for all employees.

New employee training: 100% of newly recruited employees of TTV are involved in orientation courses in order to familiarize them with the job and teach them TTV’s core values.

TTV’s employees can decide career path in the direction of technology or management. At TTV, the project management team has the opportunity to participate in outside training courses of PMBOOK program.

Technology training: TTV regularly provides technical training courses to update employees on new technology trends, enhance technical skill for engineers and prepare them for certification exams. Training is provided by well-known technology companies to enhance the team’s technology and creativity. Moreover, TTV also provide working and study onsite in Japan and other countries.

Manager training: TTV trains key employees to become the next generation of managers/leaders for long-term development of the corporation. At TTV, the project management team has the opportunity to participate in outside training courses of PMBOOK program

Transcosmos Technologic Arts empowers all our employees to deliver sustained growth. We promote a good work-life balance (WLB) to help our employees not only fulfill their responsibilities in the company but also spend time with their families. Transcosmos Technologic Arts always accompanies employees in building their beloved small family through special benefit such as wedding, new born baby… Therefore, they get the support from their family to continuously contribute to the company's business development.

In addition, At Transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV), employees are given not only challenging tasks to express themselves, but also interesting vacation to enjoy and relax every year. Gala Dinner party with exciting Team Building games will help the TTV family more intimate. These activities such as Team building, Company Trip, Movie day, Outdoor activity, Mid-Autumn Festival ... will be memorable moments of each employee in each project, sharing love with the message "We are One".