About Us - Vision




Our mission is to provide our clients high-valued technological solutions and services

that will help them to fulfill their business needs. 


Through continuous improvement and innovation, our engineers are able to provide

outstanding product packages and solutions following global standard development and security processes.


As an expert on Agile development methodologies, we are able to provide faster time to market,

with higher quality and predictable delivery, ensuring that the users will always get the products that they require.


Leveraging on our integration capability with transcosmos group companies,

we are able to provide seamless digital solutions to regional and global clients.


Our vision is to become a leading premium development center,

capable of delivering advanced products and services to our clients world-wide.


We aim to develop the most advanced and competitive products,

being always on the edge of technology and competing with global players on the software industry.

  • • Headquaters in Tokyo, Japan
  • • 50+ years of experience
  • • 2017/3 Net sales: 242,314 millions of yen
  • • 49 operation centers in Japan (as of December, 2015)
  • • 33 countries, 170 operation centers (as of  March, 2018)
  • • "1st Place Market Share Leader in BPO in the Asia/Pacific and Japan Region Based Total Software Revenue" - Gartner 2013
  • • “Japan Contact Center Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year" - Frost & Sullivan 2014
  • • "Ranked 13th in the World in Global Outsourcing 100" - IAOP 2014


2017 - Transcosmos Technologic Arts have become a 100% owned subsidiary of transcosmos Inc.
2015 - Reached over 100 employees
2014 - Transcosmos Technologic Arts was established by Transcosmos and Technologic Arts
1989 - Technologic Arts was founded in Japan
1966 - Transcosmos launched operations in Japan